Calling all Spanish music lovers, the Trendy, the Fashionable, the New Elite:
Sip on a cocktail, unleash the night and let the party begin.
Dance, oh glorious, delightfully wicked, flamboyant dance...

Brazilia for Vibrant and Lively classes, focuses on the party spirit of the South American theme. Razzle to the likes Gypsy Kings, 60's rock 'n roll, Madonna, or the sassy flavor of the evening.

The party Boogie, Cheeky Cha-Cha, Sensual Rumba, Energetic 60's Jive, The Fiesty Mambo, Night Club Jazz and the Flirtatious and Exuberant Carnival dance of the Samba are illuminated in the classes. Want something Hot & Sultry? - try the Salsa or the sexy Lambada for style.

We can create a tropical setting that is relaxed, social events filled with festivities (Medieval Banquets, Tropical Brazilian Parties, Spring Dances, Sunset Cruises, Fun Staff Teambuilding activities, etc) so there is entertainment and saucy excitement for everyone.

And what's all the fuss about just to learn a few flashy, really cool steps? - simply, for sheer and absolute pleasurable delight.
And for those ambitious flamboyant up and coming talented stars that are in a relentless hunt for celebrity's limelight, they can dazzle and mystify their friends at the end of it all.

So, You want The Look, The Style, to be gloriously Captivated and Delighted? Then come and strut your stuff with our friendly, dynamic staff and have a deeply, wildly passionate love affair with Latin America, and party the night away!




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